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Work on the nation’s largest offshore wind project is officially underway in New York.On Long Island, local and state leaders attended a ceremonial groundbreaking
These days, the Cincinnati Bengals are synonymous with a star quarterback who led them to a recent Super Bowl appearance. And they have high hopes for the 2024 season. So this seems like a great time
Can you imagine a day where you don’t have to think about getting more exercise, eating healthier, taking time away from your phone, or being more mindful? The essence of a habit is that you do it
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Miles Teller and his French Bulldog 'Bugsy' had a staring contest for the ages after the Tellers enjoyed a meal at a restaurant. Keleigh Teller captures the sweet moment when little Bugsy tries so
Even some of the most famous actors in Hollywood have never taken home an Oscar
Owners may often wish that their pets could talk, but sometimes there's no need, as their faces say it all. In a viral Instagram video, Umi the cat appears to be 'speechless,' leaving internet users
Soybean, as a globally critical leguminous crop, faces continuous threats from different pathogens, which profoundly affect global production. Although the genetic interactions between soybean and
It's hard to say and hear, but school is almost back — which means lots of back-to-school shopping.Teachers' Treasures is hoping school can be made easier for teachers with students who may not be
A reader identifying as Deb Bie asked: "Isn't Naples (going) to have a Great Wolf Lodge in its future?" Indeed, one of the higher national profile enterprises Southwest Florida has bagged
A shelter in New York is pleading to the public to give a second or third glance at one of their sweetest — and longest — residents. Meet Percy, a 3-year-old boxer/retriever mix, who has been with
There’s a reason why so many interior designers love estate sales: They're an absolute treasure trove for antique and vintage home furnishings. Chinese paint brushes, ceramic planters, African masks,
The Iowa Department of Education announced on Wednesday more than $320,000 in emergency grant funds available to support school districts across the state. The money will help serve students who are
Another Mexican gray wolf has strayed from the designated recovery area for the endangered species, according to wildlife agencies.  A female wolf, known as Mexican wolf F2979, was
1.You probably remember Lisa Jakub as Lydia in Mrs. Doubtfire or Alicia in Independence Day, but she appeared in a whopping 39 TV shows and movies between 1985—2000.In a blog post, Lisa explained why
Colorado is the only state in the U.S. that's conducting mass screening for celiac disease among children, and it's happening at a research center in Aurora. Doctors at the Barbara Davis Center at CU
A 41-year-old man drowned after saving two children from a river’s strong current, Minnesota authorities say. The Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office said Cody Pope was swimming on a sandbar in the
The path of the meteor that passed over New York City Tuesday morning has been updated by NASA. The space agency now says the meteor originated over New York City and moved west into New Jersey. It
An 11-year-old boy has had his first ever haircut after being inspired to grow his knee-length locks to help children who had lost their own through cancer.Aaron, from Scarborough, had more than a

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